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Got a business idea in your mind, or want to share what you think? Opticom Solutions Inc has a team of web designer who helps you materialize your thoughts and business idea/products into reality, with our affordable web development pack, you can get a website design for your business in an incredibly amazing price. We give you flexible offers and two three Skype meetings with our designers who will who will shape your business idea into a real website and you can show the world what you are capable of. Click here to read more.



Serial Number

Number of pages Color Combination Images




Single Pager / 1 or 2 (basic version for introducing business) 2 to 3 colors 1 High resolution Image to best suit your business Idea $432 / £299.99

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Small Business / 2 or 4 3 to 5 Up to 3 High resolution Images to best suit your business Idea $721 / $499.99

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Redesign or Upgrade / 4 to 6 5 to 7 Up to 6 High resolution Images to best suit your business Idea $999/ $689.99

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Need something you can’t see on the list above? Thinking to open an online store? Or a business idea which needs more consulting? Leave us an email at info@techiegators.com and our representative will call you as soon as possible to discuss the right price and structure for you.


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